Friday, March 23, 2012

Luang phor Suang ( Sruang) Wat Tham Phrom Sawat Rian Gai ( Pheasant ) BE 2555

Luang Phor Suang Wat ThamPromSawat Rian Gai Phim phiset ( Special batch) Come with waterproof Casing and Temple Box
BE 2555

Release On Febuary BE 2555

Material: Tong Leung(Fabart) + Copper

Effect: maha metta, Karkai(Good business and selling), Good fortune
Thai people believe this pheasant help to fetch wealth & also due to it natural beautiful color, it help to attract (metta) people to their attention.

Extra: LP Sruang using the magic named as “Gai fah paya leang - Lord keeping Pheasant”

銮普Suang Wat ThamPromSawat 七彩山鸡 已包防水外壳和庙盒
效果: Metta,Karkai(良好的业务和销售),吉祥, 富裕.

泰国人相信这个的帮助获取财富和由于它的自然美丽的颜色,它有助于吸引人的注意力 ( Metta)

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